“We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.


Tuition and guidance 

Grow, learn, develop

Doing a Masters degree or a PhD is tough, we don't always have all of the tools when we start to help us progress. I offer three courses based on my own experiences of writing a thesis, teaching writing skills to post-graduate students, and gained in a research career spanning fifteen years. These are:

  • One month intensive online Thesis Writing course - £299 (£500 for two months)
  • One month intensive online Thesis Referencing course - £199
  • Thesis advice and guidance – £45 for an hour (includes discussion and reading) 

Intensive thesis writing course - building lasting habits

I won the prestigious ESRC funding to do my PhD and have authored and co-authored chapters in books and articles. Despite this, I still find the writing process really difficult, and struggled with my thesis. I got through by making writing a central habit of my life. I have combined my own experiences of writing with those gained from studying under, and working with, many great  teachers, some of whom I have also taught alongside. I have distilled this knowledge into an intensive online writing course. This course is less about the skills or techniques of writing, and more about developing the habit of writing. We will work together over a period of a month or more, and I will expect you to submit a short piece of writing every three days.  It will be intense,  but   the payoff will be  a significantly increased work rate.

Intensive referencing course - develop discipline

Another thing I  struggled with was referencing – again, it was not necessarily the technical aspect of referencing that I found difficult, I just  lacked the habit of good referencing - I was lazy basically - I didn't take effective notes from  sources, and I always left the referencing till the end. I ultimately paid for this laziness in time and energy. I designed this course    so that you don't make the same mistake.

Thesis advice and guidance

I am also able to offer the benefit of over fifteen years of experience as a researcher in a range of fields and settings, and offer tuition and consultation on a range of research and methodological issues. I have studied and taught both qualitative and quantitative methods, and have used them in both academic and non-academic settings.  This includes survey design, qualitative analysis, developing questions, survey management, data analysis including use of SPSS to a high standard, and, qualitative research skills, including interviewing and participant observation. I have worked as a social researcher in various fields, including pensions, ageing, ethnicity, law and criminology. I have worked in academia but also in the public and private sectors. During this time I have managed significant research projects  that have had an impact on national policy, and have worked with academics, policy makers and practitioners. I have also conducted a vast amount of fieldwork, including several hundred face to face and telephone interviews, over forty focus groups, and, over forty hours of participant observation. I can provide guidance on:

Research methodologies

Qualitative research design

Qualitative interviewing skills

Survey design

Statistical analysis