Copy editing

“The difference between something good

and something great is attention to detail” 

How can I help?

I offer three levels of proofreading service - proofreading, proofreading and editing, and an express service. I will determine which level I can offer you based on a reading of a short piece of your work. The quality of work can change chapter by chapter, so I will review this with each chapter that I do. The services and prices are listed below.

Proofreading ONLY

£10 per 1000 words, or 1 pence per word

This service is for those whose writing is of a high standard

but who require proofreading to get to the appropriate academic standards

Proofreading AND editing

£15 per 1000 words, or 1.5 pence per word

This service is for those who require intensive proofreading and editing 

Express proofreading: 24 hour service 

£20 per 1000 words, or 2.0 pence per word.

How I work

The services I offer are within the  and specific department or faculty. Institutional approaches to thesis proofreading are especially variable, and I will work within the guidelines of your institution.

I am not responsible for detecting plagiarism. I can advise on referencing, but do not have access to university facilities for checking for in-text plagiarism.

I guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality with regards to any work I do. I have a safe storage certificate from the UK Data Service, and provide, on request, safe, secure and free storage for any document I work on for up to six months.

Please feel free to explore my website, and to contact me if you have any questions.