Helping you improve your work

  • Started in 2014 whilst studying for my PhD
  • Based in Yorkshire in the UK but work with clients around the world
  • Offer proofreading and editing services to postgraduate students and academics and tuition for PGR students
  • You can see testimonials about my work here


My qualifications include

  • PhD from the University of Leeds' School of Law, one of the UK's top law schools
  • MA in Research Methods from the University of Sheffield
  • Diploma (with distinction) in Proofreading and Editing from the College of Media and Publishing

Research background

  • research career spanning twenty years in academia, the public and private sectors
  • published chapters and articles in books, magazines, journals and online
  • written and edited over twenty research reports for government agencies, charities and businesses

Proofreading and editing experience

  • provided services to students, academics, authors, public sector bodies and private enterprises
  • proofread and edited books, magazines, articles, newsletters and websites
  • worked with students and academics in disciplines ranging from law and social sciences to biological sciences engineering and environmental studies
  • worked with students from the UK, Bangladesh, China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Poland, Vietnam and Malaysia
  • peer-reviewer for prestigious national and international journals including the European Journal of Criminology
    • am currently the editor (and also write content for) an online digital arts magazine



      Studying can take a real toll on you. I provide a supportive and encouraging environment. I never criticise. I might offer constructive but kind feedback and will work with you to find the best solutions to the challenge of writing.  A lot, but not all of the students I work with have experienced some stress during their studies. This can often be compounded by difficult relationships with supervisors. Some can just have poor social skills, others seem to want to actively discourage.

      Academia at the best of times isn't always a supportive place. Since leaving I have become an advocate for wellbeing. I study and teach the ancient art of Qigong for physical and mental health, and am training to be a mindfulness coach to complement my more intellectual work. I also run an online wellness group for dads in Leeds and would one day like to provide mindfulness training for students and to work with universities in providing a better standard of care for students and staff.